Model and Relations


Entity permissions contain information about which User or Group has a specific Key in a specific Model (or table).

The fields of a permission are as follows:

Field Description Example Value
key The permission key progress
permission_entity Model type to grant the permission key for App\User or App\Department
permission_entity_id The id of permission_entity 25
target_entity Model type of the target content to grant the permission key for Modules\Tasks\Entities\Task
target_entity_id The id of target_entity 10


Models provided by the intratool API that are Restrictable will always have a relation key entityPermissions that gives information about permissions attached to the content.

See Query Manipulation to learn how to retrieve this information by requesting our endpoints.

Adding permissions

When creating or updating content by requesting the intratool API you can always add the fieldkey entity_permissions if the model the endpoint grants access to is Restrictable.

The entity_permissions value is expected to be an array with one or more permission definitions. The following structure is expected:

        "key": "view",
        "target_entity": "App\User"
        "target_entity_id": 25
        "key": "view",
        "target_entity": "App\User"
        "target_entity_id": 27
Last Updated: 10/14/2019